Post Construction Cleanup for an Easy Remodel

August 27, 2015


When you are considering a remodel, either in a home or an office building, you may be picturing a handful of orange-hatted men smiling, shaking your hand and walking out of your home, leaving it in tiptop shape, ready for entertaining and relaxing or ever so productive work, whichever the case may be. Yet, you may have to think of the clean up involved before you can think about opening your space up for others. In fact, a construction company is hired to use power tools, to demolish and to rebuild. They are not usually equipped in the area of cleaning.

Consider the dust. Construction projects produce a ton of dust, and dust as you may know will settle like a thin film over everything. Dust will stick to the ceilings, to the floors, to the windows, to the shelves and appliances. Without proper cleaning, dust provokes sneezing and other respiratory discomforts. Not only dust, but dirt from the labor, dirt from heavy boots trekking through your home, dirt from extra people and machines entering your home.

After you have paid a contractor for renovations, after you have spent precious time maneuvering your life or your business around a less than perfect space, cleaning will be necessary. Yet once the job is complete, you may not have the time to clean. You may not have the energy to clean. You may not have the supplies to clean. Cleaning after construction means more than vacuuming. It means getting into all the crevices and removing everything that was left. It means climbing to the top of the walls, peering into the blinds and the windows. It means scrubbing. It means labor-intensive work.

So contact us to take care of your post construction cleanup. We are experts in cleaning. We can do a great job getting your home or office back in shape.



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