Post Construction Cleanup Helps Sell Houses Faster

May 7, 2015

People looking to buy a house usually have a very specific list of things they are looking for. For the vast majority, they want something turn-key, that requires nothing more than moving their belongings in. Life is just too busy to get involved in a renovation. To make a house sell faster, enlist the help of a company that offers post construction cleanup services.


There are two options for house hunters who want something move-in ready. First, buy a new construction home. Many home-buyers insist on a new home, as they don’t want to live where other people have lived before. The second option is to buy something that has been completely renovated. Often these houses are flipped, and have been redone from top to bottom.

The irony of looking for a spotless home is that the work it takes to create it makes a huge mess. Drywall, mud, paint, plumbing, flooring, and electrical work all leave behind dirt, dust, and grime in every room of the house.

When prospective buyers walk into a house, they don’t want to see construction dust on the light fixtures and the plumber’s footprints in the bathtub. They want everything sparkling, as if never touched by human hands.

Whether you’re a home owner, realtor, or builder, it’s your responsibility to get the house cleaned up, and when it’s done right, the house will sell faster. Calling in a professional cleaning company experienced in construction clean-up is the best choice, saving you time and money in the long run.

ServiceMaster Quality Services can transform a space, making it ready to sell in no time. Windows, floors, light fixtures, bathrooms and kitchens will be spotless when we’re done with them. In a minimum amount of time, the home will go from construction zone to model home. If you’re finishing up a project in the Houma area and need the mess to disappear, contact us.


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