Post Construction Cleanup To Introduce Your New Business in Style

December 31, 2015


Commercial post construction cleanup might not be on your mind when you are ready to throw open the doors to your new business. You have invested in new signage, scheduled the grand opening and are ready to welcome customers! That said, remember that you only have one shot at making a great first impression. When folks see debris in the corners and breathe in drywall dust that makes them choke, you are not off to a good start.

Relying on a professional for assistance with this task is your best bet.

  • Dust removal. It is an unfortunate reality that new construction and remodeling result in dust. This dust seems to be everywhere. Removing it for good calls for the services of a janitorial outfit that has the right equipment on hand.
  • Polished appeal. Workers frequently clean as they go. Yet they do not always use the recommended cleaning products. Professionals ensure that your mirrors and window glass are polished while the wood gleams. Fixtures and counter tops get a thorough washing down with the right cleaning products and processes that eliminate streaks and smears.
  • Allergy attack prevention. A professional deep cleaning removes allergens from the carpets and the overall environment. It ensures that window coverings no longer harbor any dust particles from the construction and that carpet fibers are removed from the floors rather than going airborne. Customers (and employees) who are susceptible to allergy symptoms are sure to appreciate your attention to these details.

Since post construction cleanup does not just take place on the floor but also near the ceiling where light fixtures are installed, let the pros handle the heights. Contact us at ServiceMaster Quality Services today for more information on this needed service and to schedule an appointment.



Topics: Professional Cleaning Services