Post Construction Cleanup Woes?

August 15, 2014

By: Gene Rhodes

Ever wondered how you are going to get the construction mess cleaned up to get your new home, or business, move-in ready or ready to sell? Well, wonder no more because their are companies that specializes in doing exactly that. Interested, then please read on!




After the lawn is in and the contractors have all gone home, there’s nothing left to do but wait until the buyers are all set to close on that beautiful new construction that you so proudly built.

The soon-to-be-new-owners will perform their white-glove inspection very soon and you have to figure out a way to get everything ready to pass that all important inspection. 

Since you’re a builder that takes pride in a job well-done, you planned on doing your own quick inspection to make sure that all the finishing touches are in place. But when you arrived at the job site, you discovered messes everywhere. No post construction cleanup was done?

  • Drywall dust is everywhere
  • Window panes are hazy and decorated with energy stickers
  • Boot marks are all over the hardwood floors
  • All of the fixtures are dirty
  • A big pile of plumbing debris surrounded by sawdust covers your bathroom floors
  • And the list goes on and on

By the end of your inspection you realized that you should not have trusted your staff to get this important process taken care of.

There’s no time to clean it yourself now; you’ve got another property to build, but you need the house or office properly cleaned and you need it fast. You need a reliable and trustworthy crew to do the best possible job; the buyers just might bring a magnifying glass to their final inspection.

Their is a company out their that can take these worries off your shoulders and get you the results you so desperately need: ServiceMaster Quality Services! They have a great reputation; you wish you’d hired them from the start. 

In a flash you’re talking to a rep who understands your problems and knows exactly how to tailor their services to fit your needs. 

Yes, they can remove those leftover window stickers, boot marks, and construction debris and they’re highly experienced at post construction cleanup of houses, buildings and facilities of all kinds.

You meet with them and they promise to do the job to your satisfaction.

A short time later your buyers have inspected and approved their spotless, shining home or office. They’re happily headed to closing and you’re happy to sing the praises of ServiceMaster. They did a fabulous job — exactly as promised.

Want your post construction cleanup job done right and on time then please contact us and we’ll have you singing our praises, too. Go ahead, giving you our price and recommendations are free so what do you have to lose?


Building a new structure is exciting. Turning it over to your buyer is even more exciting. Nothing speaks more to your professionalism as a contractor then to give the buyer what he/she wants and expects and to make sure everything is clean and working properly when that transition is ready to take place. Remember that your best sales efforts are referrals and you don’t get that by doing poor work so don’t hesitate to hire another professional company like yours to help you properly complete your post construction project. 


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