Pro Advice for More Effective Spring Cleaning

May 10, 2016

Spring cleaning is a general term for a major home cleaning overhaul. While the traditional time for such a deep cleaning is in the Spring when warmer weather appears and the windows can be thrown open to refresh the home, spring cleaning can be done anytime of the year.


Spring cleaning is usually a pretty labor-intensive job. The goal is to unearth the untouched parts of your home to remove debris, dirt, and dust which has built up throughout the year and gets missed by regular weekly cleaning rituals. You’ll be moving furniture, appliances, and de-cluttering closets and drawers. It’s a lot of work but a necessary task to keep your home truly clean and in good condition.

With so much to do, it is important to ensure you are doing the work in the most effective manner. At ServiceMaster Quality Services, one of our specialties is performing residential whole house deep cleaning services in Houma and the surrounding areas. With our expertise, we can take the hard work of spring cleaning out of your hands in a cost-effective manner. However, many of our customers actually enjoy doing some of the spring cleaning work for themselves so we’ve put together a quick list of tips to help make your cleaning schedule a little bit easier.

Professional Spring Cleaning Advice


If you have carpeting in any rooms of your home, spring cleaning should involve deep cleaning these areas to remove buildup of dirt and bad odors. There are steam cleaning rentals and cleaning machines available for home use but our biggest word of caution relates to what happens after you steam clean the rugs. Amateur carpet cleaners often make cleaning mistakes which leave their carpeting too wet. This quickly can result in the growth of mold and mildew which leaves bad smells throughout the house. Non-professional cleaning machines can also damage the carpet, causing shrinkage and other damage. When it comes to carpet cleaning, we recommend our professional services rather than do it yourself to protect your carpeting and your investment. Annual cleaning is affordable and will ensure your carpets are deep cleaned the right way.

Wooden Furniture and Cabinetry

The biggest mistake homeowners make when it comes to caring for wooden items in the home including furniture, cabinets, and wood trim, is applying too many wood polishes and chemicals while cleaning. Typically, regular dusting of the wood is sufficient to keep it clean. By over-applying chemical polishes, wood can actually get damaged and look dull. For furniture and cabinetry, contact the manufacturer to learn more about recommended care guidelines you should follow.

Tile Care

Cleaning tiles and the grout in between is often considered one of the most tedious parts of spring cleaning. This is for good reason especially if you have a lot of tile throughout your home. Cleaning the grout can be done with water and baking soda rather than more harmful chemical cleaners. Tile and grout cleaning is another service best left to our professionals to save you time and money. Our cleaning methods will ensure a high-quality, long-lasting clean.

Flooring and Counters

The floors and counters in your home perhaps endure the most use. Cleaning them correctly means you need to clean them in stages. First, it is important to clean off dirt and other debris from the surface then you need to properly disinfect them. If you simply spray harsh cleaners on top of dust and dirt, any germs present will remain on the particles and you’ll never get a properly disinfected surface. Many cleaners on the market these days are not made for every material you need to clean. Hiring a professional will ensure not only that your home is truly clean, it will make certain your floors and counters are well-protected from the damage of harsh chemicals.

If you have no time for spring cleaning this year, call on us. Our ServiceMaster Quality Services cleaning professionals in Houma, LA will be glad to take on the work. We offer affordable rates and every service you need to refresh your home and bring it back to life. Call us today at 985-872-1029 for all of your spring cleaning needs!

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