Professional Cleaning of Office Chairs a Smart Idea

July 28, 2016

At ServiceMaster Quality Services in Houma, we offer a wide variety of commercial cleaning services catering to your specific business needs. While many clients contact us for floor cleaning or our trustworthy janitorial services, lots of business owners overlook the not-so-obvious places cleaning should be done. Professional_Office_Chair_Cleaning.jpg

One overlooked area in many office environments is the typical chair. After years of multiple people using chairs around the building, a thorough deep cleaning is highly recommended. Consider for a second just how unsanitary a well-used office chair is.

Dirt and Grime Buildup

Lots of dirt and grime are carried in from the outdoors on people’s shoes and clothing. Employees who put their feet up on chairs transfer the dirt from the street, causing stains and bad odors. Lots of different things get wiped on a chair throughout a day and should be properly cleaned as a measure of health and safety.

Multiple Germs

Sick employees tend to create more sick employees. Chair fabric can harbor an obscene amount of germs, some of which can live for long periods of time and make others sick.

Bad Smells

Let’s be frank, lots of rear ends occupy office chairs over the course of a year. This can result in the buildup of bad smells and set in stains.

Not only will professional cleaning of chairs and other furniture around the office remove the gross factor, our services can also help restore the look and feel of the furniture and protect it moving forward. This can help reduce the cost of replacing stained, old-looking chairs over time. Our professional upholstery cleaning services can give your business an updated look without having to invest a lot of cash. Your employees and customers will both appreciate the fresher-smelling, nicer-looking furniture around the office. We can accommodate the safe cleaning of multiple types of furniture upholstery including fabric and leather.

In addition to our professional upholstery cleaning services, we also offer deep cleaning carpet services to revive a tired, worn-out looking carpet. Carpeted areas, especially where foot traffic is heavy, can make an office look dingy and dirty. With a full service carpet cleaning, you can restore and protect the carpeting for a lot less money than buying a replacement.

Contact our commercial cleaning specialists at ServiceMaster Quality Services today to discuss our commercial services. Whether you need a full office cleaning or monthly maintenance services, we can help. Our business can help make your business shine like new again.

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