Professional Mold Cleaning, Detection, and Removal Services

September 30, 2016

Mold is common when the weather is hot and humid, but can occur at any time of year.  While humid weather is perfect for creating lush forests, it also takes a toll on your home in the form of mold.  Unfortunately, mold can hang around in the most unlikely of places, and the fact that it can cause serious health problems means getting to the bottom of the infestation is a must.  Thankfully, we have the tools and skills you need to detect, isolate, and fix problems related to mold.  Mold_Remediation_Services.jpg

 How we fix mold problems

 When you call us for mold cleaning, it is usually because you suspect this microbe is lurking in your home or business. When we arrive on the scene to start working, we have specific tasks we perform in almost every case.  One of our most popular mold remediation projects involves fixing leaky plumbing and remodeling the walls, floors or ceilings after mold is removed.  Other common fixes pertain to HVAC duct work that has not been fully cleaned or has a problem with collecting moisture due to outdated equipment.

 What happens when we remove mold

 Mold is a serious health risk, and when we are working in your home or business, we are taking special precautions to ensure that the mold is removed safely.  This includes working with respiratory equipment when necessary, removing pets or occupants from the building and using chemicals that are not toxic to anything except mold.  Once the mold inspections show that levels have been reduced to normal standards, the next step is to repair any damage that the mold has left behind.

 What full-service mold remediation means

 Depending on the infestation, mold testing or cleanup can ultimately involve remodeling.  However, while some companies will come in, do their job and leave the remodeling up to you, we can help our customers by working with other professional contractors.  This ensures you will have contractors that are accustomed to working with each other, and this means faster turn-around on your complete mold remediation project.  

 Why you need professional mold removal technicians

 When it is time to make hard decisions about having mold removed from your property, call in the type of professionals that are there for you through the entire process.  Moreover, we have the skills you need to get your property fully restored the first time, and this helps you to stop worrying about the future of your home or business as soon as possible.  We are also certified and licensed to do mold remediation in the State of Louisiana. No matter if you need mold testing or removal because of plumbing accidents, dirty HVAC ducts or after fire damage, give us a call today!  We look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for choosing ServiceMaster Quality Services.


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