Reasons to Have a Deep Cleaning Performed on Your Home Before Moving

November 5, 2014

So you are moving! Amazing how that is a good thing and a bad thing all together. This process can be extremely detailed and stressful no matter whether it is your first move or tenth move. Don’t worry, their are ways you can make this whole experience easier on you and more rewarding. 

Interested to find out how? Then please read on. 


Moving can be a complicated time in one’s life. From selling your current home to packing up all of your belongings, there is so much to take care of that it is often not possible to handle everything on your own. One task that individuals often neglect during this process is performing a deep cleaning of their home before they move out. However, making sure that your home is nice and clean before you leave it is a vital part of the moving process as you will want to prepare your home for the next family to move into it. For this reason, it could be extremely beneficial to you to hire a professional cleaning service to perform your residential cleaning before you move out. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider hiring a house cleaning service before your next move.



Reduce Your Stress

As was previously touched upon, the amount of work required during a move is oftentimes more than one could handle on their own. The thought of having so much to do, and having so little time to do it, can often leave homeowners feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start. By hiring a professional cleaning company, you can remove some of this weight from your shoulders as one of the major tasks that needs to be completed before you move will be taken care of for you. Deep cleaning your home on your own could have taken days; a cleaning company on the other hand will be able to totally clean your home in a matter of hours. This will free up more time for you to complete other tasks before your move.

Ensure Your House is Ready to Stage

If you will be attempting to sell your home yourself, it can be vital that you hire a cleaning company to perform a deep clean before the open house. While you would assume that individuals looking at your home would be looking at the details of your home, many potential home buyers may be turned off from making an offer on your home if they see dirt, dust, or grime anywhere. Thusly, having your home cleaned professionally can help to ensure that your home is as clean and buyer friendly as possible before your first open house. It is also advisable to have a quick cleaning performed before each subsequent open house.

By having your home professionally cleaned before your next move you can help to reduce the amount of stress the move will cause you, and you can help to ensure that your home is as clean as possible before buyers view it. Contact us to find out more about the reasons why you should consider hiring a company like ServiceMaster Quality Services to clean your home before your next move.  



The decision to move has been made and you definitely want to get to your new home as soon as possible. Let us shorten this process for you and make it a whole lot easier on you and your family by cleaning your home for you so you can focus your energies on the logistics of the move itself. 

By: Gene Rhodes




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