Reasons your Vacant Home Could Require Additional Cleaning

September 3, 2015


Vacant houses can be problematic, as being unavailable to care for them can really take a toll on properties inside and out. If you have an empty Terrebonne or Lafourche Parish home, here are just a few things you might have to deal with.

Common Issues

Here are some of the common issues people with an empty home can face:

  • Internal damage caused by inadequate temperatures. Not only are you prone to having burst pipes, but you could also notice moisture damage on your walls, floors and ceilings if your home isn’t within a certain temperature range.
  • Vagrants may be looking for an empty home to take up residence in during periods of inclement weather. Not only could these individuals leave your home in disarray, but they may even cause damage to it while coming and going.
  • Critters such as rats, mice, snakes, possum and squirrels also tend to move indoors during extreme temperature months. Animals such as these might leave droppings that would make your home unsanitary, or chew through walls and electrical wiring, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs.
  • Heavy storms may result in downed tree limbs that may not be noticed for some time. These tree limbs could cause your roof to leak, or break out panes of glass to allow water in. A considerable amount of water damage could ensue if the problem is not addressed right away.

These are just a few problems you may encounter if your home remains uninhabited for any length of time. You could eventually need general cleaning or construction or water damage cleanup to restore your property to its former condition. If so, please feel free to contact us.




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