Refresh Your Bathroom with Thorough Wall Cleaning

April 14, 2015

Many people are looking into how to get started with spring cleaning as the weather begins to heat up again, making it a good idea to consider which rooms of your home need the most attention. The bathroom walls are an often ignored part of cleaning, but due to the moisture in the room they can quickly become dirty and need special care. In order for the wall cleaning to go smoothly, use the following tips.


Remove Any Wall Décor and Window Treatments

If you have any hanging picture frames, shelving, or window treatments that touch the wall surfaces,  you’ll need to take them down before cleaning. By removing these things before cleaning, you can do a much more in-depth cleaning than leaving them up.

Start by Dusting Down the Walls

Taking care of dust is your first step before using any wet treatments on the walls. A simple duster will help remove any dust clinging to the walls and edges of ceilings, helping take care of any potential spider webs at the same time.

Collect All Your Cleaning Supplies

When cleaning the walls on your own, you’ll want to make sure that you have all right tools at your disposal. This means grabbing a bucket and filling it with soapy water, along with a soft sponge that is gentle enough for use on the walls without scratching them.

While it’s possible to clean the walls of your bathroom on your own, the project is time-consuming and may require more effort than you would like with a long list of cleaning you want to do around the house. For professional cleaning help, please contact us right away.


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