Residential Rodent Clean Up After an Extermination

March 24, 2016


Rodents are known carriers of diseases and bacteria. When home or business owners discover that a rat or mouse infestation affects part of their property, they quickly call in the specialists to exterminate the pests. When these professionals are done, the homeowner is usually left with the mess that the animals left behind.

Urine and feces can attract a second wave of rodents while body oils create unpleasant odors on and around walls and floors. It makes sense to call in a cleaning specialists you already entrust with your whole house or business deep-cleaning to handle this cleanup job as well.

Some owners have attempted to handle this project themselves. This can do damage to you and be hazardous to your health.

  • Airborne particles. When disturbing nesting materials, it is easy to inadvertently release particles into the air. These can include Hantavirus spores, which can be deadly.
  • Hazardous chemicals. Although there are plenty of “recipes” online that offer suggestions for disinfecting in the aftermath of a rodent infestation, the majority involve the use of harsh chemicals that are dangerous to breathe in.
  • Improper use of chemicals. You already know that cleaning professionals are continuously trained in the use and application of innovative products that leave your home sanitized and smelling great. It takes a bit of a learning curve, and these experts are well-versed in using cleaning products that can create problems with improper use.

When expert rodent clean up crews do the work, you first notice that the technicians wear protective gear and come equipped with biohazard suits. This prevents any contamination of areas not requiring treatment. These technicians remove affected insulation and vacuum the location with HEPA filtration equipment.

They decontaminate the areas where rodents lived and moved about. In addition, they sanitize the space and deodorize it to remove the last traces of the infestation. ServiceMaster Quality Services is your local professional cleaner that also handles rodent cleanup. Contact us today for more information on our specialties.


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