Rug Cleaning: Unique Facts About Cleaning Rugs Like Persian Carpets

February 23, 2017


Carpets lie on the floor, and some are expensive or exotic, but what people do not know about how rugs are cleaned is astounding.  Although there are high-tech methods that can address periodic rug cleaning, deep cleaning of carpets or rugs are left to professionals.  To get a better understanding of the unique types of rugs and how they have been cleaned over time, keep reading.

 One rug that cannot be replaced

 The key problem for buying expensive Persian carpets is that they come from Iran; and the United States does not possess an excellent trade relationship with that nation. What this means is their owners must keep the rugs in tiptop condition with routine care because they are too expensive to replace. They are also often irreplaceable and the designs are considered to be one-of-a-kind artwork.  Naturally, cleaning them often requires experts that have an understanding of a natural-fiber and natural-dye rug like the Persian carpets.


Do-it-yourself conventional carpet beating

 Around the planet, carpets are a convention that is historical. Over time, needless to say, their unique cleaning strategies became part of life for everyone that owned them. Before devices like vacuums, carpet owners cleaned them by hand with carpet beaters. The beaters were usually designed from metal and wood. Like a swinging a baseball-bat, beating on a hung carpet with a beater was intended to release as much dust as possible.


River cleaning a rug

 In the rug cleaning world, there is a method considered to be top-rated that involves cleaning a carpet by submerging it in a “clean hole.”  This apparatus is basically a pool of water and the rug is held in place with a band.  The water is agitated for several hours to remove all of the dirt.  This technique was developed based on the old method of sewing a leather band to a rug, suspending the rug in a stream of water with the leather bands, and allowing debris to be removed by water over the course of a day.


“Hi-tech” rug cleaning around 1920

Naturally, not everyone had time to put the rug in the river to clean it or had time to beat the rug when they needed it to be tidy. Around the 1920’s, salesmen and experts created a shampoo for cleaning rugs , and they were considered to be some of the first of their kind. These forerunners to modern shampooing formulas used for carpet cleaners would get an upgrade when agitation and suction were applied to the process.


Managing an antique carpet

 Unfortunately, one of the oldest problems homeowners have had in the past 100 years is taking care of an antique rug or carpet. For this reason, before you begin to clean it, it pays to have some expert advice. For example, advice for testing carpet to see which material it is made from includes burning the fibers. Obviously, this could be confusing and could also damage the carpet. Even if you want to clean the carpet yourself, having a professional inspection of the rug or carpet will help to preserve its quality.  


Let us help you with your carpet and rug services

 Finding professionals that can give you the results you need whether you have traditional carpeting or an expensive antique rug is important to preserving your home. Instead of cutting corners and risking damage to a family heirloom, let the rug professionals give you a hand. To get a better understanding of what we have to offer and if we can address your unique rug situation, give ServiceMaster Quality Services a call today.


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