Schedule a House and Carpet Cleaning Before the Holidays

October 30, 2015

Carpet Cleaning Consultation

When the holidays are approaching, there’s enough to think about without adding on cleaning duties. If you’re planning on having company to stay for a while or just for the day, that alone puts some additional responsibilities on your plate, so give yourself a break and hand the carpet and house cleaning services over to a professional.

Cleaning carpets is a labor-intensive task, especially if you’re using one of those machines you can rent or buy. The truth is, they don’t really do that great of a job anyway. They aren’t very effective at removing spots, only take out some of the dirt, and you usually have to wait a long time for the carpet to properly dry. Professional equipment, pre-treating spots for maximum effectiveness, and using powerful hot water extraction systems which not only gets carpets clean, but has the powerful suction to get the proper amount of water out when done, leaves your carpets almost dry right off the bat, a lot cleaner, and much better looking.

Carpets aren’t the only thing that might need a good cleaning before you can relax and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. The right professional cleaning company can also clean upholstery and hard surface floors so everything will be looking great. In addition, they can clean just about anything you need including those hard jobs like windows, light fixtures, walls, and bathrooms. They can also offer a whole house deep clean because while some people refer to this job as spring cleaning, they know there are other times you would like to have your house looking its best.

Don’t let company coming for the holidays cause you so much stress that you’ll be exhausted by the time they arrive. Want to know who that right professional cleaning company is for the Terrebonne or Lafourche Parish areas then look no further – ServiceMaster Quality Services. They are happy to come in and do all of the cleaning for you so you can thoroughly enjoy the holidays this year. Go ahead, contact them and you will be glad you did. 




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