ServiceMaster Quality Services Saves the day in Thibodaux, Louisiana

April 14, 2016


George and Martha planned to do some shopping in and around Thibodaux Saturday morning. Martha decided to throw some clothes in the washing machine before leaving.  “Martha, do you think it’s a good idea running that old beast while we’re away?”

“Oh, George, you worry too much.  I don’t have a thing to wear and besides, what could go wrong?” 

“Nothing to wear?  You have a closet of nothing to wear and another closet full of shoes!” George shook his head, bewildered, but wisely decided to let it go. Besides that, George thought, what could go wrong with leaving the washing machine running while he and Martha were out shopping.

About three hours later, George and Martha returned home from their errands. They unlocked and opened the front door and gasped to see a body of water laying claim to their carpet and laminate floor.  George managed to get the water main shut off and Martha turned off the electricity.  George ran an extension cord from a neighbor’s outlet, connected it to his wet vac and consumed all the standing water, and left nothing behind but hopeless despair. 

At least that was how they felt until a crew from ServiceMaster Quality Services showed up.  

Certified and trained for timely, effective, emergency clean-up, ServiceMaster Quality Services professionals perform a number of janitorial and restorative services.  They are experts in fire, flood, and storm clean-up.  They can even clean up after a washing machine has decided to not only wash the clothes but the floors also. They have state of the art equipment to clean and restore George and Martha’s contents and floors.  Their cleaning agents are tested for effectiveness and safety.  Their goal is to provide our commercial or residential customers, “peace of mind” with each service they provide.  

Don’t wait for a disaster that may or may not happen.  For a free estimate, contact us today



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