Sewage Back Up? Call in the Pros for Clean Up

August 3, 2016

If your sewer line becomes clogged or your septic tank breaks, there is more than a dirty, disgusting mess to clean up. Sewage leaks are nothing to ignore. Due to the bacteria contamination potential possible during a leak, it is important to take action as soon as possible.

Call In the Pros Sewage_Back_Up.jpg

To remedy the situation, you’ll need to call in a plumber or a septic specialist for proper repairs. In addition to the repairs, you’ll need an experienced cleanup service provider. ServiceMaster Quality Services specializes in residential and commercial cleaning, including sewage clean up in Houma. It is critical to call a reputable company like ours immediately after a sewage leak or overflow. We have the capabilities, equipment, and experience to effectively clean up the mess and decontaminate the areas so you can resume safe living.

It is not enough to use bleach and other store-bought disinfectants. While they can put a small dent in the situation, the sewage will likely render the cleaners inactive. Our cleaning process will ensure the area is clean and well dried to prevent additional problems, such as mold, from developing down the line.

While You Wait

While we do our best to handle emergency situations as fast as possible, you may wish to start some of the cleanup while you wait on our team. You’ll need to wear protective gloves, boots, and a face mask to get started.

You can shovel any solids into a heavy-duty garbage bag. Liquids can be soaked up with paper towels or rags which should be thrown away in a plastic trash bag. All materials need to be properly disposed of after cleanup. A wet vacuum can be used to remove remaining puddles and should be thoroughly cleaned before your next use. All carpeting and fabrics soiled by the leak need to be thrown out to prevent exposure to contamination. Windows can be opened to help bring in the fresh air. Smells will linger until a professional cleaning can be done but circulating air with fans is a good idea.

Remember that cross contamination can occur if you are walking from the leak site to other areas of your home, which will require more cleaning. Try to keep the soiled area off limits to the family, including pets. Tracking the muck throughout the house will cause a bigger, more expensive mess.

Don’t risk your family’s health. Contact ServiceMaster Quality Services today to discuss your situation. We offer emergency services for those in need. Call 985-872-1029 and speak to a cleanup specialist now.

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