Signs Of Mold Infestation, Whether At Work Or At Home

May 16, 2016

    A high water table and a tendency towards hurricanes puts Louisiana homes and businesses at risk for mold. This is especially true in the spring and summer when it gets warm and humid, which is how mold likes it.

Mold_Picture.jpg And this isn’t just an aesthetics issue, although you probably wouldn’t want clients coming in to your office or store and seeing mold. Mold is an allergen for some people, and it can make them sick (or at least miserable with a stuffy nosy and itchy pair of eyes.) For both these reasons, you will want to spot mold before it becomes a problem. Look for the following signs:

1. Mold stinks. Virtually everyone has had the experience of going into a room and getting slapped with the musty odor of mold. It can take a person aback. 

   Since mold can grow in hidden places, the smell may be the most noticeable thing about it, too. It can also grow in your HVAC system. If the smell gets worse when you turn the air conditioner on, mold may be growing in vents.

2. Mold is visible. This may sound obvious, but mold is sneaky. Mold can grow in walls and then sprout just a bit on the walls where you can see it. The black, green or brown spots might blend in to the pattern on the wall or fabric.

Mold can also be white, grayish or greenish-black. They have a variety of textures, too. Some look powdery, fuzzy or wet. To paraphrase Tolstoy: each mold is moldy in its own way.

3. Mold is frequently accompanied by other signs of water damage. Paint or wallpaper peeling, dark water stains, and dry rot go hand in hand with the organism that loves water. This, along with the fact that mold can sprout colonies in as little as 1 to 10 days, is why it is a good idea to check for mold after you suffer a flood or similar water damage.

   Once you have found mold, you want to remove it professionally, which ServiceMaster Quality Services in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes can do. So, whether you have a room at work that is starting to smell musty or you are seeing black fuzz on your bathroom grout, you can contact us for mold cleaning.




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