Spring Floor Maintenance for Your Home

May 1, 2015



Spring is here and that means rain, mud, and the battle to keep your floors clean and for proper floor maintenance to take place. Instead of following the kids and the dog around with a mop, try these ideas to maintain your floors during this season:


1. Protect

  • Door mats are a must at every entry way including the garage door, front door, back doors and porch doors. Having a place to wipe your feet either before you enter the house, or upon your first step through the threshold, is vital to keeping the dirt out.
  • Store the shoes someplace safe for your floors. Store work boots and shoes in the garage; don’t even let them inside! If you have wood floors in your entryway store shoes on a plastic or waterproof surface. Storing your shoes on a rug or other textile lets water seep through and possibly damage those beautiful hardwoods!
  • Store your shoes out-of-the-way. If your family’s shoes pile up at entryways they often get kicked and moved around, dislodging dirt from the soles and spreading it further into the home. Designate an area for shoes or create a cubby system to keep them (and their dirt!) in one place.

2. Don’t let your floors go to the dogs

  • Make sure when the dog comes inside that they walk on the doormats. Slow them down and get them to sit, if you can, on the mat for a minute to let the mat soak up any water. An excellent product from Bed Bath & Beyond is the Muddy Buddy Paw Mat. Its made from super absorbent microfiber material to wick away water from your dog’s paws.
  • Keep a towel, baby wipes, or special animal paw wipes next to your door for particularly muddy days. Don’t forget to wipe your dog’s belly and chest if they are squirrel chasers!

3. Maintain

  • Vacuum and sweep your floors regularly.
  • Wipe up any muddy footprints before they dry.
  • Try as you may, eventually you will need to clean your floors, but don’t make it harder than it needs to be!  To start, always sweep before washing your floors.
  • When cleaning your tile floors use a solution of water and either mild dish detergent or white vinegar and a microfiber mop.
  • For wood laminate floors use a water and white vinegar solution.
  • For vinyl floors use a water and mild dish detergent solution.
  • For wood floors use a hardwood floor cleaner, not water!  Water can damage wood, so never leave standing water on your hardwood floors!

Want to leave the floor cleaning to the experts? Contact us and we’ll make your floors look brand new and provide you with the spring cleaning you deserve!



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