Terrebonne Parish Customers Value Cleanliness in Commercial Venues

January 28, 2016


Whether you operate a storefront office, a retail location or a medical facility, the Terrebonne Parish customers who visit your location are far more in tune with the cleanliness of your venue than you may realize. Moreover, the perception of cleanliness, or its opposite, has the power to shape consumer behavior.

An Unkept Appearance Repels Customers

QSR Magazine analyzed the available research data, which revealed that a dirty store environment would cause 14 percent of polled customers to refrain from visiting the location again. Another 29 percent explained that they would only return if there was not another option available to them. Contributing to the impression of a messy environment may be the combination of stained rugs, smudged walls and filthy window screens. While it is true that each customer has her or his own understanding of the level of mess that is considered acceptable, a business owner will not have a second chance at making a great first impression.

The Janitorial Business Services Expert: Unsung Hero and Ally in the Fight against Grime

Partnering with a commercial janitorial company that offers a broad range of business services is your best bet. These professionals bring experience and cleaning techniques to the table that help to restore the cleanliness of your venue and then maintain it.

  • Janitorial services. Whether you need rug, floor or wall cleaning done, the experts have the products and experience needed to remove the dirt and grime that may have built up in your store or office complex.
  • Maintenance plans. Going forward, it makes sense to set up a floor maintenance schedule as well as regular cleaning tasks that the pros undertake. Doing so prevents a future buildup of unsightly dirt and allows you to present a consistently clean venue to shoppers, not to mention a healthier one also.
  • Availability of emergency services. Having a working relationship with this type of company offers another benefit, too. Should you need emergency cleanup after water, mold or fire damage, the experts can be on the case quickly, counteracting problems before they arise and potentially reducing your business’ downtime.

To put your best foot forward with your Terrebonne Parish customers, contact us at ServiceMaster Quality Services for more information on the kinds of business services that prevent your shoppers from becoming unfavorable statistics.




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