The 4 Grossest Parts in Your House

June 21, 2016

 Imagine all the life lived in a house. There is a lot of activity and unfortunately a lot of germs and bacteria which stick to the everyday items in your home. You can imagine the dirtiest rooms of your home include the bathroom and the kitchen. A lot of activity happens in these areas so it’s natural you’d clean these areas more frequently and thoroughly.

But there are some places around the house even grosser than the kitchen or bathroom. Let’s take a look at some of the dirtier areas of your home you may be overlooking.

Light Switches, Doorknobs, Handles

These things are what you – and everyone else- touches constantly throughout a day. Germs, viruses, and bacteria are transferred most frequently by human hands. These surfaces are a magnet for grossness. Cleaning these areas frequently with anti-bacterial cleaners can kill germs which cause illness and better protect your household.


The spilled food alone is a pretty disgusting thought. Sticky juice, pet hairs, and many other germy things pile up in your refrigerator, especially in the back area you can’t readily see. Cleaning your refrigerator once a month will help cut down on the buildup of grime and eliminate odors which can affect your food. Grossest_Places_to_clean_in_your_House.jpg

Utensil Drawer

A lot of hands reach in for a fork or spoon throughout the day. Every time the utensil drawer is opened, things like dirt and old food can fall in from the counter. Take the silverware and tray out of the drawer at least once a month and disinfect it. Dry utensils and the tray thoroughly before placing them back in the drawer.

Stove Hood

The hood located above your stove helps to eliminate moisture and cooking smells through the fan to the outside. If you take a closer look, you’ll likely see a few layers of grime and thick grease. Dirt collecting in this mess can also discolor the hood, leaving it an overall disgusting mess. Use a strong degreaser and clean towels once a month to restore it to like-new condition.

There are plenty of other places around your home which get extra dirty just by regular use. It can become a bit overwhelming, especially with an already-busy schedule. Let our professional whole house deep cleaning services help pick up the slack. We can tend to the hidden dirt with our specialized equipment to revitalize the entire house, removing odors, germs, and stains. Speak with our ServiceMaster Quality Service professionals today. Contact our Houma office at (985)872-1029 for more information.


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