The Advantages of Using Professional Business Janitorial Services

July 28, 2017


There are multiple reasons why you would want to hire professional janitorial services for your business.

Make a Good Impression on Customers and Business Associates

Businesses are high-traffic areas. With customers, workers, delivery services, and other associates coming and going constantly, business buildings require a lot of cleaning. Visitors and employees track in dirt, leave the restrooms dirty, touch surfaces, and have spills. By the end of the day, your offices and workspace are dirty and disheveled.

It matters whether they are kept clean; customers and business associates notice if the building is dirty. They will avoid businesses that look unkempt, and will talk about their negative impression to other people with whom you might want to do business.

Improve Efficiency of Staff

Your usual staff is not the best source of cleaning for your business. If they have to stop their work to clean, that is disruptive to the flow of business. For instance, if your receptionist is cleaning, then no one is available to help the customers, direct deliveries, or answer inquiries and phone calls.

Your regular employees are trained in different skills and will do the minimum cleaning needed to allow them to get back to their normal, preferred, duties. This means a less thorough cleaning job and unhappy staff.

You will either have to hire more staff for cleaning or settle for lower quality customer service, discontented staff, and possibly even more expense (depending on the salaries of the employees who were redirected to clean). Unless you hire a professional cleaning service; this usually costs less than hiring your own cleaning staff, and allows your employees to focus on the work for which they were trained.

Better Quality Cleaning Done Faster

A professional cleaning service will clean thoroughly, systematically, and quickly. They have a thorough understanding of where dirt and germs hide, and have the attention to detail it takes to get those places clean as well. They will make your business shine, getting all those places that rushed employees are not able to get to in between essential tasks. They have access to high level equipment, chemicals, and supplies that your employees do not.

With a professional cleaning service, your business will look great, smell clean, be cleaner overall, and make a great impression on business associates and customers. Your staff will also be more content and healthier at work.

For excellent cleaning of your business, thereby increasing your overall employee and customer satisfaction and improving your bottom line, contact ServiceMaster Quality Services to discuss your needs and receive a free, non-commital, quote. You will be glad you did. 







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