The Health Benefits of Clean Carpeting You’ve Never Thought About

June 2, 2016


Healthy_Carpet_Cleaning.jpgClean carpeting is not just for show. Sure, everyone can appreciate a stain-free, soft, nice-smelling carpet but there is actually more to it than looks. A deep professional carpet cleaning actually can help protect and, in some cases even improve, health.

The Environmental Protection Agency advises people to have carpeting professionally cleaned once a year or more often for families with members suffering from health conditions like breathing problems, allergies, and asthma. The professional carpet cleaning should also be accompanied by weekly vacuuming.

The EPA sites the following benefits of professional carpeting cleaning:

  • Eliminate pollutants – dirty carpets are full of a variety of air pollutants which get trapped in their fibers. Pollutants like pet dander, lead, toxic gases, and insect allergens can all contribute to breathing and other health problems. The toxic gases are especially concerning, as just walking on the carpet releases the gases, polluting your indoor air. These pollutants and bacteria can be effectively removed through professional carpet cleaning services. Specialized equipment used in our cleaning process are powerful enough to remove even the deepest set particles in the carpet fiber.
  •  Destroy dust mite infestations – dust mites are microscopic creatures which leave feces and body parts which are known human allergens. Dust mite infestations are quite common in carpeting and when carpeting is touched, the allergens become airborne. Once inhaled, allergies can be triggered. Steam cleaning a carpet with professional equipment produces a high enough heat to kill dust mites and kill off an infestation.
  •  Prevent growth of mold – homes with high humidity levels can cause the growth of mold which clings to the carpet fibers and sinks in deeply. After a professional carpet cleaning service, carpets are dried thoroughly to prevent mold growth. Many homeowners using their own carpet shampooers oversoak carpeting and do not have the means to dry them completely, possibly causing mold to grow. Mold triggers allergies and can potentially cause more severe health conditions.


These issues are not only true for the carpeting in your home. It is strongly recommended you also have your upholstery deep cleaned at least annually to remove the same pollutants found in your carpet. Deep cleaning of your upholstery can also remove stains and bad odors resulting from regular, everyday use.

ServiceMaster Quality Services in Houma offers the necessary deep carpet cleaning services your carpets need to be restored to like-new condition and effectively remove allergens and other pollutants. We can also tackle your upholstered furniture to ensure a totally clean living environment. Contact our cleaning professionals today to learn more about our effective carpet cleaning process for all areas of your home. Protect and preserve your existing carpeting and your good health by scheduling an appointment with our team today.

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