The Importance of A Cleaning Company: What Your Bathroom Says About Your Business

December 23, 2014

Your bathroom speaks volume about your business. What? You’re probably thinking, really, my clients don’t care about that, but just think about it. Your restroom is the one room that nearly everyone will visit at least once. This includes your employees, your customers, and even you. Many times the bathrooms are overlooked or considered non-revenue generating spaces so they are often built small, cramped, and cluttered. What does this really say about your small business?


The character of your business should be everywhere and small businesses thrive on their customer service reputation. At first, a bathroom may seem like an odd place to choose for determining your level of commitment to customer service, but it speaks volumes about your dedication. If a business is willing to spend money on a non-revenue generating part of their business, it shows they are committed to treating someone right and giving them the best shopping or working experience possible. 

Just take a quick second to think about your own home. You probably have a guest bathroom and it’s decorated nicely, stocked with soap, and features fluffy hand towels. It’s probably cleaner than your private bathroom and gets a thorough scrubbing whenever you’re expecting company. After all, you want people to feel welcome in your home and give a good impression. 

Now, think about your business’s bathroom? Is it fully stocked and thoroughly scrubbed? Or is it an afterthought after a long day, with the last employee out giving it a quick glance and throwing a roll of toilet paper on if needed? That’s hardly inviting to customers and may leave them wondering what else is being neglected in the back where they can’t see. 

Not all businesses can afford to dedicate an employee to thoroughly scrubbing the grout and tile until it glistens or cleaning the fixtures, especially during the busy holiday season, but there is a simple solution. Hiring an experienced and dedicated cleaning company can ensure that your bathrooms are sanitized and spotless. While your company’s bathroom may not be equipped with an elegant natural stone wall and handcrafted sink, ensuring the hand soap is fully stocked, the toilets are not stained a dingy yellow, and the floor is clean will project a high level of dedication to your valued customers. 

Want more information on setting up a cleaning schedule that maintains sparkling and well cared for bathrooms, and all other areas, for your discerning customers?


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