The Importance of House Cleaning When You Have Pets

June 20, 2016


We love our pets, don’t we? They take care of us as much as we take care of them, and give us unconditional love. What would we do without them? Unfortunately, they sure can make a mess of our homes. We have to deal with pet dander, stains, litter boxes, and odors. This is why it is so very important to regularly get a professional house cleaning. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission identifies pets as a common source of biological pollutants in your home. However, they also state, “Before you give away the family pet or move, there are less drastic steps that can be taken to reduce potential problems. Properly cleaning and maintaining your home can help reduce the problem and may avoid interrupting your normal routine. People who have health problems such as asthma, or are allergic, may need to do this and more.”

How a professional house cleaning can help:

Irritants — Pet dander and dust are respiratory irritants. Even if you are not allergic, repeated exposure can cause irritation to nose, throat, and eyes. In some cases, you can even suffer from fatigue and headaches.

Fleas — If your pet friend brought home fleas, it is very difficult to solve the problem with spot cleaning. Only a top to bottom house cleaning will work. Your everyday cleaning tools and supplies will not get them all.

Germs — NBCNews reported homes with pets have more bacteria and more types of bacteria than homes without them. Your pets can also be a source of viruses, fungi, and other pollutants.

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