The Importance of Janitorial Services This Winter

October 13, 2016

janitorial_cleaning.jpgWinter is a cold time of year, often bringing with it more rain. The wetness in the air coupled with how muddy the ground can become increases the amount of moisture that’s accidentally carried indoors, effecting your entire building’s cleaning routine. This is why your business needs janitorial services more than any other time of the year.

During the wintertime it’s important your janitorial services step it up a notch. They must:

  • Wash the windows regularly so sunlight can shine through bright and clear. This also helps absorb excess moisture (a.k.a. condensation), especially on carpets and floors so they’re no longer an accident waiting to happen.
  • Floors are the most obvious area that needs frequent cleaning throughout the winter because they get wet and muddy regardless how often you tell people to wipe their feet. Carpeting needs vacuumed and hard floors mopped daily. Resilient and Hard floors also require periodic TLC above the mopping process so they can be properly maintained and kept safe for people to walk on.
  • Consistently cleaning your office keeps germs and pathogens to a minimum. Proper disinfecting can also be ordered to eliminate those germs from your office environment. Make sure you use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products and disinfectants on door handles, office supplies, computer keyboards, and work surfaces daily to help keep people from getting sick. Of course, encouraging proper hand washing also helps here. 

Don’t let winter get the best of your business this year. Call ServiceMaster Quality Services at (985)872-1029 to see how we can help you keep things neat and clean like any other time of the year. It’s not only our job, but it’s something we look forward to doing for you each and every day.




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