Three Occasions When House Cleaning Gift Cards Are A Great Idea

July 8, 2016


The calendar year contains numerous opportunities to celebrate the friends, family members, and loved ones in our lives with the giving of gifts. Whether the occasion is a birthday, holiday, or anniversary, or simply a moment when we want to express our appreciation to someone by showing them what they mean to us; the giving of a gift is always a great idea.

There are, however, those special life moments when we want to give a gift that expresses our love and gratitude in an especially unique way. At such times we tend to think “outside the box” as we look for something unexpected, something high impact; a gift with that special “wow” factor. Here is one such gift precisely for such a moment: A house cleaning gift card.

Never thought of something that non-traditional before? Consider a few occasions when a house cleaning gift card is the absolute perfect fit:

1) When you simply want to say thanks to your parents: Perhaps nothing in life is more beautiful than an expression of appreciation and gratitude on a seemingly random occasion. While holidays and anniversaries are wonderful times to give; it is sort of expected on such days. A random occasion, however? Now that’s using the element of surprise. And what could be more thoughtful than a house cleaning gift card to give mom and dad the opportunity to relax and not have to keep up with the increasingly difficult task of house cleaning as they get older.

2) When a loved one is battling illness: At a time in life when health is a concern; even the once simplest of tasks becomes a huge challenge. To have the burden of house cleaning chores lifted from one’s shoulders during such a time is, well…priceless. Imagine how appreciative your loved will be to receive a house cleaning gift card in such a moment. No price tag can adequately express its value.

3) When you want to give yourself and your spouse the gift of relaxation: The pace of life in our society can be frantic at times, and it just seems to get busier as the years roll by and responsibilities increase with work, children, community endeavors, tending to the yard, and….house cleaning. Take that responsibility off of your plate and enjoy some relaxation time with your spouse next weekend with the giving of a house cleaning gift card. Want to really impress? Put the gift card in a greeting card that expresses words of love from your heart along with an invitation to get away from home together for an entire Saturday or weekend. It may just be the gift your spouse remembers with the fondest memories in the coming years.

Are there other times when a house cleaning gift card would be a great gift idea? Pretty much anytime would be great, but for an unforgettable and heartfelt life moment with your special loved ones; give the gift on one of the three special occasions soon. To purchase your house cleaning gift card, contact us today. You won’t be sorry!



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