3 Ways Professional Carpet Cleaning Restores Your Carpets To Like-New Condition

July 14, 2016


If you or someone you know have had your carpets cleaned by a reputable professional company, you have probably either personally expressed or heard someone else say after viewing the results, “The carpets look like new!” It’s not surprising. The fact is that a skilled professional carpet cleaning team using state-of-the-art high-powered cleaning equipment can produce some amazing results.

Why is the outcome so dramatic? The reason is actually a combination of multi-dimensional factors. In reality, a thorough professional carpet cleaning treatment accomplishes several important things. Here are three of them:   

  • Thorough extraction of deeply embedded dirt: Using powerful truck mounted cleaning equipment, hot-water extraction carpet treatments dislodge and extract dirt that gets deeply embedded in carpet fibers due to repeated use from daily foot traffic. The sheer force of the flow of water and powerful cleaning fluid combined with the high-suction capacity of the cleaning machine loosens and lifts the dirt out of the carpet.  
  • Thorough elimination of unsightly stains: Even new carpets can get badly discolored and marred by those occasional spills of food and drink related products, or even by occasional accidents. Items such as grape juice, jelly, tomato sauce, wine, oil based salad dressing, ink, pet urine, and blood can create highly visible, tough stains that are nearly impossible to eliminate using standard strength spot stain removers. A reputable professional carpet treatment pre-treats the stains with powerful, carpet-safe and EPA approved cleaning fluid, and then eliminates the stain using hot-water extraction to clean and rinse the affected area, leaving your carpet stain-free and looking like new.
  • Thorough expulsion of foul odors: As the months pass by, carpets can absorb odors from sources such as pets, powerfully scented cooked foods, and cigar or cigarette smoke. A professional cleaning treatment not only restores the pristine look of your carpet, but it also restores it to its original fresh, like-new scent.

At ServiceMaster Quality Services, we provide high quality professional carpet cleaning services at reasonable prices to both commercial and residential clients. Our goal with each carpet we clean is to provide excellence of service that results in full customer satisfaction. To find out how our expert team of certified professionals can meet your carpet cleaning needs; contact us today! We look forward to getting your carpets looking their very best.     





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