Tips On Keeping Your Bathrooms Germ-Free For Guests

July 10, 2015


The summer is that special time of the year when everybody wants to be out and about, regardless of the occasion. Being the social butterfly that you are, you open your home to friends and family frequently. When the festivities end and everybody goes home, you are usually left doing damage control. Although you’re an expert at hosting, sometimes when you’re tidying up the place you forget to disinfect. One of the key places that bacteria and mold lurks is in the bathroom. Here are some useful tips on how to keep your bathroom virtually germ-free:

Believe it or not, vinegar is a powerful disinfectant. Whether you use it by itself or mix it with other approved cleaning products, it will absolutely get the job done and prevent mold at the same time.

Another big problem, especially when you have men in your home, is the toilet seat. Whichever way you use the toilet, if you close the lid after you flush it can prevent harmful bacteria from entering the atmosphere. Childproof toilet seats are also a good idea for those summer time family barbeques.

Do you use paper towels or hand towels in your bathroom? Hand towels can be a big host for bacteria: as we dry our hands skin and dirt rub off and on the towel, only to spread to the next person who wipes their hands. Lastly, many women like to tend to their makeup in the bathroom leaving spots and splashes all over the place. Makeup mixed with other contaminants in and around your sink can spawn a new bacteria.

It’s true that we love to host and invite company to the house. Let’s make sure that we are looking out for the best interest of our guests, and ultimately our own. For more tips on how to keep everything you own “spick and span,” contact us, ServiceMaster Quality Services. We are always here to help. 


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