Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Carpet Cleaning Expert for Your Business

May 8, 2015

Having carpeting in your business saves you money. The experts at the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) reveal that the good looks of this floor covering will enhance the appearance and feel of your space for years to come. With all the tasks that you do to run your business, however, carpet cleaning might be fairly low on your radar. If you are working with a pro in the field, this is not a big deal. If you are not, it may eventually become a problem.


  1. Clean carpeting is welcoming: Whether it is the carpet in a dermatologist’s office or in the convention center foyer, the softness of the fibers muffles sound while the attractive color or pattern works well with the color scheme that you have chosen in your business. Nevertheless, when you have stains and dirt marring the look of the carpeting, it is no longer welcoming.
  2. Fresh air makes an impact: Have you ever entered a room only to be put off by the smell? Sometimes it is the easy-to-identify smell of mustiness. Other times, it is the cloying odor of rug-cleaning chemicals or scents from a spray can. When you have cleaning experts on the job who use EPA-approved solutions and the right equipment and know how, you eliminate the chemical odors that so many DIY products contain. Customers or clients breathe nothing but fresh air when entering your business.
  3. Professionals do, too: Perhaps you run a small boutique or only have a little carpeted area in your office. You figure that you and the office manager could handle the cleaning occasionally with a rented carpet-cleaning machine. Of course, when you consider that this machine is cumbersome, used by countless folks and requires commercial cleaning solutions with strong odors, the do-it-yourself route suddenly does not look so good any longer. By the way, these systems are also famous for leaving behind soapy residues that cause your carpeting to trap dirt and allergens more quickly. Before long, you are cleaning the carpet every weekend.

At ServiceMaster Quality Services, we understand that floor maintenance is not something you want to add to your repertoire. Contact us instead! We pre-treat stains, loosen ground-in soil and thoroughly rinse your carpeting. We also groom the surface so that it greets you with that perfect look in the morning.


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