Top 4 Janitorial Business Services for Restaurants, Hotels and Bed & Breakfast Operators

February 11, 2016


The janitorial business services that members of the hospitality industry require vary greatly from those that office building managers or retailers call for. Not only is it the breadth of available services that business owners in this niche look for, but it may also the focus on green cleaning products that makes a huge difference. What are the top four business services most hospitality venues require?

  1. Upholstery cleaning. Even if you do not have carpets or many rugs in your establishment, you probably have some upholstered seating groups that serve countless visitors throughout the day. We recommend a professional upholstery cleaning every six months and spot cleaning more frequently as needed.
  2. Tile and grout cleaning. Kitchens, bathrooms and foyers frequently feature ceramic or porcelain tiles. While cleaning up spills during the day-to-day operations is a snap, some liquids adversely affect the grout and discolor it. We use high pressure cleaning and extraction methods that clean tiles and grout. A sealing process also protects the grout. You may also want to look at a professional cleaning company that can provide slip resistance services to these floor areas.
  3. Window and screen cleaning. One of the biggest problems associated with a restaurant is the condition of the windows. Neglect them even briefly, and they present with detritus, dust and bug droppings. Cleaning windows and screens regularly maintains your reputation of running a tiptop establishment.
  4. Emergency services. You do not plan to ever need our emergency services. That said, when you discover a leaking sink and budding mold problem, have some smoke damage from a kitchen fire that got a little out of hand before you could put it out and face water damage in a dining room, you need help right away. It makes sense to work with a professional who includes emergency services in its menu of business services.

Of course, you do not have to run a restaurant to contact us for more information on the cleaning procedures we offer, products we use and unwavering commitment to excellence we bring to the table. Maybe you would like to learn more about our no-slip floor treatments? Go ahead, “try us, love us, stay with us”. 




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