Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Janitorial Assistance for Hoarder Cleanup

September 28, 2015


Hoarder cleanup is a janitorial area of expertise that not many companies offer. Just like tile and grout cleaning, post construction cleanup and mold cleaning, it is a specialty service that appeals to our residential and commercial clients. For the homeowner, it is an important step in overcoming compulsive hoarding and dealing with the mental disorder that causes it. For the property owner or property management company, it is a crucial aspect of returning a residential or commercial space to a sanitary, safe and lease-ready condition. There are five reasons for entrusting your cleanup tasks to our experts.

  1. Contamination treatment. Hoarding is more than the piling up of personal items and trash. It opens the door to insect infestations, mold development and the spread of disease. Removing contaminants along with debris is absolutely necessary.
  2. Odor remediation. Months or years of hoarding lead to situations that create odors, which quickly permeate the structure. These odors frequently remain after the debris removal and require separate treatment.
  3. Safe disposal of hazardous waste. Light bulbs containing mercury, used medical devices, used needles and old gasoline or paints call for expert handling and disposal. These are not items you simply toss into a dumpster.
  4. Animal hoarder cleanup. Sometimes, the hoarder does not just collect things but also brings in animals. This increases the likelihood of contaminants and disease-causing substances that have leaked into your carpeting and permeate any porous surfaces.
  5. Follow-up care. When the hoarder is a residential customer, janitorial assistance includes a regular maintenance schedule that allows our experts to help the individual stay on top of any accumulating clutter.

ServiceMaster Quality Services technicians handle all types of hoarder cleanup situations. As a matter of fact ServiceMaster is the cleaner of choice for Matt Paxton for his hoarder cleanup jobs he does on his shows. Contact us today for more information on this janitorial service and to set up an initial appointment.



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