Water Damage To Your Home Requires Professional Treatment

March 2, 2015


Water damage can be caused by storms, flooding, leaky appliances, or even a fire. It can also cause extensive damage to your property. That’s why it’s important that you take prompt action to limit both the repair cost and the extent of the damage.

What causes water damage? There can be a number of factors. Leaks from appliances and plumbing equipment are some of the most common causes of water damage in the home. It may seem as though a small leak is of little to no concern. However, it left undetected, that small leak over time can cause extensive water damage.

Storms can also cause water damage. This is especially true if you live near the easatern and southern coasts of the United States, where hurricanes tend to make landfall. Hurricanes are typically accompanied by an excessive amount of rain and storm surge.

Another cause of water damage is flooding. You’re especially susceptible to flooding if you live near one or more large bodies of water. Excessive rain can cause flooding that can damage homes with leaky or cracked foundations. Flood damage can compromise the integrity of the structure as well as damage the complete interior of your home. Further, flood damage can also bring with it mold and mildew, which can be costly to eliminate and bad for your health. If you find mold in your home or business you should contact a certified mold remediator to come in and access the damage and give you a thorough proposal for proper mold remediation throughout your home or business. 

Also, believe it or not, a fire can cause water damage. That’s not just because the fire can damage equipment in a way that it will cause a leak, but also because firefighters who put out the fire will often use an excessive amount of water to ensure that the flames are completely quenched.

If your property has been subject to water damage, it’s a problem that you’ll almost certainly not be able to properly resolve on your own. Professional water damage treatment uses equipment and techniques that are not typically available to someone who is not specialized in the process.

Also, it’s important to be thorough when removing water damage. Even trace amounts of water are left behind will quickly produce mold and mildew. The average homeowner is simply not familiar with the level of detail required to properly treat a home for water damage.

If your home has been subject to water damage, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.


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