What to expect from a professional cleaning service

March 28, 2017


ServiceMaster Quality Services is not a fly-by-night, hit ‘em and run, type of cleaning service. If you’re a business enterprise searching for a professional cleaning service, you no doubt have a list of cleaning expectations. Much of what we do will vary from business to business but we would like to leave you with some information regarding what a typical cleaning service might look like.

Reception and Common Areas

Upon arrival, our Cleaning Specialist straightens entryway mats, cleans the front door glass and door handles, and ensures there are no spider webs lurking about. If there are, we will remove them. All reception area tables, countertops, desks, and other hard surfaces are thoroughly dusted and cleaned. We then move on to vacuum the entryway mats, the reception area carpet, and hard surface floors and empties wastebaskets, 

Conference Room

The tops of file cabinets and any other elevated hard surfaces are dusted first. Again, we are careful not to leave any unsightly spider webs lurking about. After dusting, all of the floors are vacuumed. Once again, the wastebaskets are emptied.


Moving on, we then proceed to the restrooms. We begin the restroom ritual by first cleaning and sanitizing countertops, sinks, fixtures, and mirrors. The floors are totally vacuumed and each stall partition is wiped down and sanitized. Urinals and toilets are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Paper products are replaced and finally, the floor is mopped. As weL back ourself out of the restroom, we survey our work and move on to the next area.

Break Room

We then begin the dusting routine on all the upper surfaces and proceed down to the sinks, countertops, microwave, oven, tabletops, chairs, windows, and finally the floors. All surfaces are sanitized with the highest amount of diligence and care for your health and safety.

Offices and Cubicles

Everything is dusted from the top of the office or cubicle to the ground. Our staff is always careful not to displace or disturb anyone’s workstation. We are only there to clean and clean as carefully and thoroughly as possible. File cabinets, desks, chairs, countertops, fax machine, computers, etc., are all dusted. The phones are sanitized and the wastebaskets are emptied.

If you want your business to shine above all others, ServiceMaster Quality Services is the ticket to bigger, brighter, cleaner future. After all, you have enough to do, let us take care of your cleaning needs the way you expect. Contact us soon for a free consultation – You Will Be Glad You Did!







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