What’s Involved in Commercial Office Floor Cleaning?

November 2, 2017

Most of us work for a living right? If you ever wondered what is necessary to keep your office floors not only looking good but properly protected then this blog is for you. You will see that their are multiple processes for proper floor maintenance along with many chemicals and machinery available to get this important job completed and kept up going into the future. Hope you enjoy!


If you have or work in an office environment, it’s important to keep the floors properly cleaned not only because a clean floor looks good, but it also promotes better productivity and good health. Here are some guidelines for keeping your office floors clean, as well as the benefits of using a professional cleaning service.

Use Mats

Mats are essential for keeping floors clean. You especially need mats for high traffic areas. They’re essential for removing dirt from shoes that come through your office door.

  • Besides preventing soil and dirt from getting on your floors, mats also help reduce how much deep cleaning that needs to be done.
  • Rather than using drab-looking black mats, lay down some colorful, bright mats or rugs.
  • To prevent falls and slips, ensure your mats are secured firmly to the floor.

Repair Crevices and Cracks Promptly

Floor crevices and cracks aren’t always obvious, but they still can be damaging. For example, they can be allow bacteria to grow, which can impact the health of your workers. That’s why you need to regularly inspect your floors for possible cracks or chips, especially before temperatures fall.

When you do find some problem spots, be sure you have them repaired before winter arrives as this is when your floors will undergo even more abuse. If you postpone cleaning, dirt and other pollutants will take over your floors, which can negatively impact the environmental quality of your office.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

  • The first step is to sweep, dust mop, or vacuum the floor of all debris.
  • Next, cleaning chemicals and a degreaser (if necessary) are applied, which helps release soil from floors. Most commercial floor cleaners entail using floor machines for cleaning and polishing.
  • Floors are scrubbed with commercial floor cleaning machines and chemicals specifically designed to remove the top coat of finish (if finish is already applied) with the coded pad matching the process taking place. If the flooring being cleaned has no finish then this process is detail cleaning the flooring itself. These machines agitate the chemicals onto the floor so that dirt and grease are emulsified and removed.
  • The next step is detailing for accessing corners, floor edges and other spots that are difficult to reach.
  • For optimal results, exceptionally hard-to-reach spots are detailed by hand.
  • The next step is to rinse the floors with clean water. The rinse water is changed frequently to ensure a thorough cleaning. This is the final step if no commercial grade finish is to be applied. 
  • If the floors require the application of commercial grade finish (like VCT) then a new coat is applied so a good base of finish always remains on the floor until the total stripping/refinishing process becomes necessary. 

Why not let a professional cleaning service, such as ServiceMaster Quality Services, give your floors a thorough cleaning, so that they’ll be even more protected to endure more challenging weather that could involve mud, the weather, or just normal foot traffic of your fellow employees or customers. . 

This sort of floor maintenance  is only one of the many business services provided by ServiceMaster Quality Services who has been serving both south Louisiana homeowners and business people since 1990.

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By: Gene Rhodes




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