Who Do You Turn to for Expert Area Rug Cleaning?

November 7, 2016


Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year harken the call for festive party planning. With the holidays approaching, it’s time to spruce up the place. Carpets, floors, windows, and doors are beginning to look a bit pale and dim. It’s time to call ServiceMaster Quality Services to brighten everything up. When our expert technicians get done with your home or place of business, not a spider web or a speck of dust will be found anywhere. But what about rug cleaning? You purchased that Persian rug to be the hallmark of your home or business and this is not a job you want to allow just any company to do. You are going to want to entrust your precious rug to the right rug cleaning service. ServiceMaster Quality Services is such a company.

Trained ServiceMaster technicians recognize the different types of fiber, construction, and dyes used in area rugs. Area rugs can be irrevocably damaged by companies who do not know what they are doing. Proper professional cleaning will extend the life of your rug. In order to avoid any disruption to the flow of business or family life, ServiceMaster can either clean your rug on site or clean it off-site. We want to ensure you achieve the greatest benefit and do not lose any production or family time. 

The ServiceMaster method of area rug cleaning is summarized as follows: The first thing we do is inspect the rug for any type of damage. We then pre-qualify your area rug to determine if it is appropriate for our cleaning service. The expert cleaning method we decide to use is dependent on the types of fibers and interwoven construction of your rug. The final step is to allow sufficient drying time. 

We can not over-emphasize how important it is to have your rugs cleaned by a quality professional cleaning service. Friendly folks are waiting to discuss any commercial or residential cleaning solutions designed especially for you. Contact us today! We look forward to getting to know you. In the meantime, enjoy a 16-line poem that succinctly explains some of the things we do for our customers. Yes, we like to have fun and whistle while we work!  

  • We clean the carpet 
  • We shine the floor
  • We scrub the hand prints
  • From the door
  • We clean the sofa
  • We dust and mop
  • Our expertise
  • No one can top
  • Webs up high 
  • Dirt down below
  • We take out the trash
  • Clean all the windows
  • So if you face 
  • Uncertain disaster
  • For “peace of mind”
  • Call ServiceMaster






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