Why DIY Mold Cleaning is Not a Good Idea

December 15, 2016


You’ve got mold, and you’re thinking about going down the DIY road. You know the mold needs to be removed, but must a professional really be called? The answer, in most cases, is an absolute yes. Most people do not have the knowledge and expertise to properly remove mold. Here are some situations where calling a professional is a must.

Mold Covers a Large Area

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you should never attempt to clean up mold by yourself if it covers a large area. A “large area,” according to the EPA, is three feet by three feet, or approximately 10 square feet. The EPA recommends hiring a professional in such a case and in Louisiana you must be registered and licensed with the State to perform mold remediation services and charge for it.

Mold is in Your HVAC Systems

If you suspect that mold may be growing in your HVAC ducts and systems, you need to call a professional who has the equipment and techniques to deal with such issues. The EPA also recommends that you not turn on your HVAC system until the mold cleaning process is completed.

Mold Was Caused by Sewage Water

If the mold was caused by sewage water or other black water sources, you need to call someone who can properly clean up the damage caused by the water, which may contain harmful chemicals and bacteria.

Mold is Growing on Wood

If the mold is growing on wooden beams or other wood that can’t be removed, you need to call someone who can sand down the mold and encapsulate it.

You Are Afraid of Health Issues

If you have or are afraid of health issues that may arise or worsen if some mold residue remains, a professional must be contacted in any case.


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