Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Important for Business

March 9, 2015


In commercial buildings, carpeting often gets more traffic than household ones. That means that if carpets are not cared for properly, their lives could be significantly shortened. However, professional carpet cleaning can remove the dirt, salt, oils and other grime that employees and customers might track in on their shoes. 

Not only will high traffic influence the life-span of your carpets, but spills can as well. It is not uncommon for employees to have coffee or lunch at their desks. So, when they get distracted or are simply uncoordinated accidents can happen. The acid in a soda can break down the fibers in the carpet over time, creating a balding effect. Not to mention that dark sodas are prone to unsightly staining. By professionally cleaning the carpet soon after an incident, both the acids and the stains will be removed. What is great is that you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company like ServiceMaster Quality Services. They are not only IICRC certified in carpet cleaning but they have 24-hour service staff in the Houma, LA area, so spills can be cleaned immediately, even during those late night cram sessions before an important deadline.

Do not let a dirty store or workspace drive your business away. First impressions can mean everything. Dull and balding carpets can give your customers the impression that your business does not care, and therefore, may take their business elsewhere. Instead, keep your carpets in good shape by cleaning them regularly. Customers and employees will definitely notice.

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