Why You Need Floor Maintenance?

August 8, 2016

Do you want that “just like new” look for your floors?  Then you need to call a floor maintenance expert.  Here’s a short story to explain why. Before_and_After_Floor_Maintenance.jpg

Imagine a potential vendor arriving for his 10 am appointment.  Walking through the lobby doors with a big anticipatory smile on his face, you notice he is anxious to meet and greet you and just as you both reach out to shake each others hand, his feet go out from under him and down he goes.  After returning to his feet, he turns and inspects the floor as if he has lost his keys.  But what he is actually looking at is the ever so slight buckle in the floor that he so gracefully tripped over.  You may still get his business but you have an even greater concern now and that is the condition of your floor which as you examine more closely you see cracks beginning to appear.  You are at a loss as to how that happened but you want to get it fixed and you want to get it fixed now!  What are some ways to avoid this minor catastrophe in the future? 


Before we discuss what can be done to restore a damaged floor we should understand how it got that way in the first place.

  • It is possible that the floor was incorrectly installed. However, you are not going to know this until you have an expert come out and do an inspection.
  • Improper and infrequent cleaning may contribute or be the cause of the floor problem.
  • The person assigned to clean the floor is using too much water, which will break down the grout in a tiled floor, possibly stain a laminate floor, and over time will warp a hardwood floor allowing dirt, dust, sand, acids, salts, or oils to seep their way into the cracks, causing buckling and loosening of your floor.
  • Using a soiled mop and harsh cleaning agents that contain compounds that break down adhesives used to adhere the tile to the concrete. In time, the corners on the tile will begin to peel away presenting another potential obstacle to trip over.

You apologize profusely to the gentleman who recently slipped and fell on your lobby floor.  He confirms with you that he is okay.  He promises that he is not going to see a lawyer.  But he does want to discuss a few options for restoring your damaged floor.  He begins. “At ServiceMaster Quality Services, we are in the business of helping people just like yourself restore some sparkle and shine in your business.  We aim to do everything in our power to help you avoid mishaps such as the one you just had a moment ago.” 

He continued with more information but if you want to know what it was he said we invite you to reach out to us at (985)872-1029. A good floor maintenance program will restore your “peace of mind.”  We look forward to talking with you and putting you in a position where you can stop worring about your floors! 







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