Why You Need Slip Resistance in Your Home

October 30, 2015

Ceramic tiles that needs slip resistenceChild at Play needs total slip resistence

When considering falling in your home, most people think of elderly people falling and not being to get up. But in reality the use of slip resistance on your floor or porcelin tub could benefit everyone. Making sure these areas are as safe as possible means none of your loved ones risk falling – but especially protecting these three groups:

1. Elderly People: It’s not hard to imagine an older person losing their footing on a slippery surface and falling to the ground. Depending on how a person falls, they can seriously injure themselves, hurting hips, backs, shoulder, wrists, and even heads. The No-Slip treatment will not etch your floors, nor will it change the surface appearance – but it will make your floor much safer for the elderly.


2. Children: If you are a new parent, it’s easy to imagine your child falling down and seriously injure themselves, especially as they are learning to walk. Tile floors are a pretty hard surface for your child to land on, so why not invest in a treatment that comes with a warranty and rest assured that your floor is less likely to lead to them slipping? The No-Slip treatment helps your child avoid falling and potentially hitting their head on hard surfaces.


3. PetsHaving a pet means that you understand how important it is to keep its feet dry in wet weather, not only to help keep your house clean, but to keep it from falling. When a dog or even a cat slides on a slippery surface, it runs a high risk of injuring its knees. If you love your pet and want to do what’s best for them, you should consider having slip resistance added to your flooring.


Having slip resistant flooring benefits everyone. To learn more about how this treatment can help you and your loved ones, please contact us.


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