Yes! Your Office Needs a Deep Cleaning Too

August 9, 2016

There are lots of people who spend more time in their office then they do in the living room. While many realize the necessity of cleaning their home frequently, some fail to realize how important it is to also clean their office space. Whether you maintain a private office or occupy a cubicle among many, a deep office cleaning will help protect your overall health and may inspire you to get more organized at work. 




Here are some deep cleaning tips for your office:


Prepare to Go Big

A full, deep cleaning of your office space should happen at least once a year. It may be necessary for more frequent cleanings if the general public visits your office daily. Start in one area of the room and work your way around to ensure you’ve cleaned every surface. Pay close attention to high shelves, ceiling fans, window ledges, and the spaces under furniture where dust collects. A full cleaning can help reduce allergens in the air and make your office more presentable, odor-free, and more pleasant for your staff and clientele.

Disinfect Common Surfaces

Invest in quality disinfectant to use on the common areas of your office and for the things you use daily. These spots include your computer keyboard, telephone, light switches, and door handles. Keep disinfectant wipes on hand to wipe these same surfaces down frequently, especially during cold and flu season.

Dump the Junk

As you go around cleaning each area, take time to toss out things that are truly garbage. Get rid of old plants, recycle old papers and soda cans, and remove old snacks from your desk drawers. The more decluttering you can do during the cleaning process, the cleaner and more organized your office will become.

Turn on the Vac

After the surface cleaning has been completed, vacuum all areas of the floor to pick up debris and dust. Don’t forget to go over the high traffic areas and hidden spots under the furniture thoroughly.

If you don’t have time in your day to give your office the cleaning it deserves, contact ServiceMaster Quality Services in Houma today to discuss our commercial cleaning services. We’ll be happy to send in a fully qualified team of cleaning experts to do the job for you. We’ll bring your office space back to great-looking condition.


Contact ServiceMaster Quality Service today to schedule your appointment. We can customize a cleaning plan for your commercial space with your needs and budget in mind. We can take care of one single office or an entire building of office space. Let us know today how we can help.

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