EMist Disinfectant Sprayer


EMist is the world’s most effective handheld disinfectant sprayer. It provides safe, continuous, and efficient disinfection. Its patented application system places an electrostatic charge to liquid disinfectants as they leave the spray nozzle, which allows them to cling to virtually any surface and destroy 99.9999% of germs*. And because one gallon of solution can cover up to 54,000 square feet of surface area per hour, it saves both time and money. 

Benefits of EMist system:

  • A safer, more effective and more efficient disinfection process reducing pathogen transmission
  • Advanced electrostatic application of chemical improves and safeguards personnel and customers
  • Simple and affordable
  • Rapid disinfection between each location and for terminal disinfection
  • Improves the level of health within any environment
  • Electrostatic application system
  • Covers 4,000 sq. ft.
  • 75% less chemical 75% faster application